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1st April 2022

Innovative Canadian brand Roxy & Rich launch new E171 Free range exclusively with Create Better Group

Create Better Group is thrilled to have added a fantastic new product line from Roxy & Rich to their range of exclusive collections. The innovative Canadian brand, well known for their high quality, highly pigmented colours, has created new recipes for two of their most popular products. Their Artist Collection Cocoa Butter Chocolate Colouring and Chocolate Cake Drip are now available free from E171.

This exclusive launch is an exciting partnership between the group and Roxy & Rich. In response to the globally shifting regulations around E171, the brand developed these new recipes to ensure their customers can continue to work with these beloved products, wherever they are in the world. This clear understanding of the market and dedication to their customers is something Create Better Group is delighted to be associated with.

The team at Roxy & Rich HQ said: “Roxy & Rich is always committed to providing innovative and high-quality products that meet your food standards. You can now get a full range of products without E171 that will allow you to create stunning decorated cookies, cakes, chocolates, and everything that you can imagine.”

Jamie White, Head of Buying for Create Better Group, commented: “It’s been a wonderful opportunity to partner with Roxy & Rich on the launch of these fantastic new products. Adding E171 free versions of such key items in their range shows just how committed the brand is to their global customer base. We are huge fans of their colourful collections, and these new additions are a perfect fit for Create Better Group.”

These new arrivals are the latest in a long line of creative new product ranges at Create Better Group. The Roxy & Rich Chocolate Cake Drip and Artist Collection ranges will be available to buy from The Cake Decorating Co. and Cake Stuff websites from mid-April 2022.

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